Komputer Grafis Dan Perusahaan

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Ini adalah tugas bahasa inggris dari bu suci, tentang Komputer Grafis Serta Jobs/Pekerjaan.
dibawah ini tentang Soalnya

a) Keterbatasan Sebagian Besar Progam Komputer Grafis Sebelumnya
b) Perangkat Keras Yang Dibutuhkan Oleh Freelance
c) Tiga Fitur Yang Tersedia Untuk Meningkatkan Penampilan Data Anda
d) Tujuan Utama Presentasi Bisnis
e) Efektivitas Grafik Komputer

a) The Limitation Of Most Previous Computer Graphics Progam
b) The Hardware Needed By Freelance
c) Three Features Available To Improve The Appearance Of Your Data
d) The Major Aim Of Business Presentation
e) The Effectiveness Of Computer Graphic

ya tidak apa apa walaupun saya tidak mudeng tentang bahasa inggris tapi tidak apa apa namanya juga belajar.

Computer graphics are pictures and films created using computers. Usually, the term refers to computer-generated image data created with help from specialized graphical hardware and software

Digital images are generally divided into 2 parts : Bitmap dan Vector images.
Bitmap images are more natural, and indeed a duplicate of the original natural conditions that are stored through the camera media into files. When zoomed in, the quality of the bitmap image will decrease and seem to crack into small dot spots known as pixels.
Vector images are images that are formed from scratch by creating and combining certain line objects, curves, and fields into a finished image.

The benefits of this computer graphics include :

Create illustrations or sketches.
Make designs of a tool, logo and others.
3D movie making.

The section fields of computer graphics are :

Geometry to learn how to describe a field surface.
Animation to learn how to draw and manipulate a motion on the picture.
Rendering to learn a groove to show the light effects on the image.
Imaging (imaging) to learn how to capture and edit images.

Graphic Designer Equipment
A. Hardware dan Other Support

1. Computer

Since the development of the world of graphic design, demand, and production of computer graphics equipment becomes very high. This development is very influential in the speed of graphic designers. The influence of the development of graphic design applications also play a very big role. A good software can certainly work well if you use a recommended computer. Choose a computer that suits your work to speed up the technical process while working on the design.

2. Digital Camera

Digital camera function is very important for a graphic designer. With a camera, a designer can capture interesting moments to be a creative design idea. If you are a professional in photography, then choose a good quality camera. Some freelance graphic designers even choose to invest with this tool.

3. Scanner

The scanner or scanner is an electronic device used to scan analog forms, such as photo documents, and so on, transformed as digital data into the computer.

4. Printer

Printer is a modern printing tool that uses ink / toner with paper media and the like. A graphic designer is required to own this device. Printers are generally used to provide pravisual on printing jobs. Keep in mind that the quality of the printer greatly affects the resulting color and print acuity

5. Internet Connection

With an internet connection you can find ideas from graphic design that has been circulating in cyberspace. In addition, internet connection can also meet you with local and foreign designers to just sharing or promotional design to various people who need your services.

6. Personal Website or Blog

A personal website for a graphic designer as well as a showroom for displaying merchandise. As a place to trade, create a website that contains personal data, as well as interesting pages to display your best works. As an alternative you can also use free blog media such as, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, or Multiply.com. if you want to create your own web, you can use instant way, that is using CMS application (Content Management System), like Joomla. Nowadays a lot of free hosting and domain providers that you can use to put your website.

7. Name Card

Make a personal business card with complete data, such as name, address, e-mail, and contact phone number. In a business card, a graphic designer can also display the technical capabilities it has. Design an attractive business card form

The Importance of Graphic Design for Companies
1. Graphic design within the company has contributed to create corporate branding
Design is undoubtedly an important role in a business. In a marketing campaign, designs provide a big role to create and increase sales. The design can be present in various forms as well as web design, posters, brochures, flyers, banners and many more

2. Speed ??up the work process by presenting a job in graphical form
No need to compile in a format like a report with a lot of writing that sometimes makes people lazy to read it. Quite important points to be conveyed and made in the form of attractive and attractive design

3. Saving time
A professional graphic designer knows what to design for a business. They know how to tailor the design to the target market, and know how to make the company's design last long

I think Graphic design is a work or art that is free for us to express as we please, And we can do with how we express the image pattern and in the picture we can design / design the image.


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